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Frecuently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Molds and Tooling (S.F.T. Engineering Services)

Tooling and Mold making Spain, China and/or Taiwan
Mold making in China, España and Taiwan is generally much more affordable then in the rest of the West (about 50% lower in China, 30% lower in Spain or Taiwan) but of course the whole process has to be carefully monitored to avoid disappointments from our central in Spain.

S.F.T. will devise the appropriate tooling and mold making strategy for you. For a complex small product we will generally do the tooling and molding of the test-series in Spain, Taiwan, and than ship the tools to China once the production volume is large enough. Larger tools we do directly in China.

Plastic Tooling for local molding or Export
If your company wants the lower tooling prices, but still needs the flexibility of injection molding at home we can ship you the tool, built according to the specifications of your injection machines. Overall costs (tooling, parts & shipping) are generally about 15% lower when we do the plastic injection molding in China as well.

Let us re-engineer your parts for lower tooling costs
You can save even more money on tooling by using our reverse engineering services. Because of the very low assembly costs in China there is no need for a product to be optimized for quick or easy assembly. Under China's manufacturing logic, it very often makes more sense to split a complex part in three simple ones, and fasten them together afterwards. By making the mechanical structure of a part or housing simpler, we avoid using sliders and improve injection cycle time.

In our own product design process S.F.T. applies these best practices for low cost China mold making from the very beginning. Using our “Design For Asian Manufacturing“ (TM) principles allows us to make design decisions based on actual manufacturing methods and costs in China, which of course leads to more realistic decisions and better cost optimization then applying them when the design is already frozen.

S.F.T.'s Western engineers strictly supervise any redesign effort to make sure that the final part still meets Western aesthetic expectations, too many companies have already found out how creative Chinese toolmakers suddenly become when given free reign.

Magnesium molds
We also have extensive experience in the injection molding of semi-solid materials (SSM) commonly known as Thixomolding® or Rheomolding. Compared with die casting superheated liquid metal, SSM has lower temperature, lower shrinkage and a more stable flow pattern. Therefore, the SSM process can produce net-shape metal or metal-matrix-composite parts continuously at lower cost.

The quality image that magnesium, aluminum, zinc, and other alloys will give your product is often well worth the investment. Benefits include electro-magnetic shielding, stiffness, thin wall construction (as thin as 0.5mm), heat management and recyclability.

Besides alloys we also have excellent sources for engineering ceramics, cermet and various other more exotic materials.

Contact us for more information on mold making in Spain, China and/orTaiwan.

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