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Frecuently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Warning: Using Battle ready swords

All of our swords and daggers will stand up to swordplay, both stage combat and reenactments.

This by any means does not mean that the blades are indestructible. No matter what the claim, any blade can be damaged in use.

Our weapons are well tempered, and because of this are hard enough to take a very good edge yet are not so hard that they do not retain a good spring action.

Even an unsharpened sword can cause serious injury and if precaution is not used easily break bone. In fighting with sword on sword, the opponents blade should be parried with the side of the blade.

Edge to edge sword blows will nick both weapons no matter what the steel or temper. Also slapping with the side of the blade should be avoided as a very hard slap can break the blade.

These simple truths go for not just our weapons but for any sword that was ever made and no doubt for any sword that ever will be made.

SWORDS FROM TOLEDO - Ap. Correos, 424 - 45080 TOLEDO (SPAIN)