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Frecuently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Are Swords from ToledoT Fully Functional?

The most frequent questions we are asked have to do with the functional level of our swords.

Swords from Toledo™ is the largest #1 source for "Fully Functional" swords on the internet. Although we do offer some strictly "display" models , most of the swords we offer are "Fully Functional" . Whether they be replicas of historical swords from the days of yore , or our interpretations of "fantasy" swords. If a sword is fully functional , we say so in the description.

What does "Fully Functional" mean ?
A "Rated Fully Functional" rating means that the hilt (handle) and blade are each individually crafted to fully functional specifications AND the combination of the two are constructed of materials and hand forged by artisan swordsmiths in Toledo, Spain to a strength and performance level equivalent to, or exceeding, the original sword it replicates. Except for not being honed (sharpened) it is as "battle ready" and functional as the original. Of course, they are capable of being honed, but this should be done by a professional.
Part of what makes a sword a sword is tempered steel. All of our weapons "Rated Fully Functional" use Toledo high carbon tempered stainless steel blades.

What is the functional level of a sword that is NOT described as "Fully Functional"?
If a sword does not state "Fully Functional", it is deemed a "display" piece. That is, it replicates the original in looks but not in overall strength and functionality.

But rest assure, even though our display swords are less expensive than their "Fully Functional" counterparts, they are NOT "cheap" in quality. They are still hand crafted by the same artisan swordsmiths in the swordmaking capital of the world, Toledo, Spain, who create our "Fully Functional" swords.
Our display swords, like our fully functional swords, are NOT toys or cheap machine made pieces that fall apart. They can be dangerous if not handled properly..

Yes , but are the Swords from Toledo™ "Display" pieces and the non Swords from Toledo™ products you sell functional?
"Fully Functional" is a true collector's issue, showing that the sword has been hand forged and crafted by skilled swordsmiths to the standards of the original it replicates.
Now that doesn't mean that in layman's thinking the our "display" swords are not functional. They are NOT toys, and function very nicely in that they can cause severe injury when not handled properly. But we wouldn't go into battle with any "display" sword if our opponents possess battle ready toledo blades. It would be like entering a race with a Volkswagen when the competition is running Ferraris. The VW will function, but we don't think it will win the race.

Will my "Fully Functional" Toledo Sword hold up in battle , split logs in half , chop down trees and cut a cement pillar in two ?
What you see in the movies and on TV is NOT the reality of swords. Most novices are in for a little rude awakening, as to the "reality" of swords versus the "perception" propagated in the movies. Swords do not cut through stone , trees or bang against other swords without sustaining damage of some kind. The Laws of Physics apply to swords just like everything else in the universe. In "olden" days swords were forged to cut into flesh and bone. After each battle the knight would take his sword to the swordsmith to remove the dents and nicks it received. After a few battles , the sword was melted down and reforged. In essence , swords were considered disposable. "Ceremonial" swords , ie. fancy swords , were worn for show and though capable of battle , their use was avoided. It was not uncommon for knights wearing ceremonial swords who were challenged to "halt" the challenge till each knight went and got their battling sword or foil. Simple physics are; if two objects of equal strength strike each other , each will cause damage to the other. If you strike hard objects with a sword , it WILL result in damage. Sometimes it will only be small micro fractures that you don't see at first , but those fractures will grow each time hard objects are struck. In the collector world "battle ready" refers to the sword being forged with components and as a whole , as possessing the strength of the original sword it is a replica of. You can't get better grade than that of the original , and Swords from Toledomiths have been renowned throughout history as producing the best and strongest swords. It does NOT mean it won't eventually break if it is continually abused without being repaired by a swordsmith , nor that it is sharpened to battle conditions. They are however beveled to BE sharpened by a professional. If you intend to practice with log dummies and real people with "real" swords , we suggest you purchase "fully functional" swords , for their strength - otherwise your sword won't withstand the strength of another battle ready sword at all - and be prepared to dispose of the sword after a few of your "practice" sessions. How many practice sessions will the sword survive depends on the abuse it takes per session. Heavier swords will of course outlast a lighter sword. Give us a 4.4 lb. James I battle ready sword against an opponent with a battle ready fencing foil anyday!

We hope this candor dispels some of the myths most people have about swords. Swords are NOT toys or playthings as they can cause serious injuries , even when not sharpened. If you still intend to do "practice" sessions , be VERY careful. Wear protective goggles , maybe even some armor. If you intend to do battle with "real" people , we suggest a good lawyer and plenty of insurance. As to suggesting a sword , it depends on what your opponents are brandishing. Don't sport a foil against a heavy battle sword. Also keep in mind your budget , as your sword will become disposable.

These are the true realities of swords. If anyone tells you different they are either uneducated to the facts , or just trying to make a sale. Also don't get us wrong. Fencing and sword fighting are honorable activities when PROPERLY engaged in. We sell many fencing foils that are used in the sport and fencers are well aware of the above facts.

Who does Swords from Toledo™ sell to?
Swords from Toledo™   is one of the few factories still around that forges fully functional swords in Toledo Spain. ( most make only swords for display purposes ) We manufacture for true collectors , museums , the military among others as well as for the general public looking for a collectible heirloom they can pass down with pride to their prodigy. Since each piece is hand forged , no two are exactly alike and of course hand forging by skilled swordsmiths tends to lower the amount that can be produced.

Where are Swords from Toledo™ created ?
Swords from Toledo™ are REAL hand-forged swords, crafted by real swordmaking artisans in the swordmaking capital of the world, Toledo, Spain. They are NOT machine made, or made in India or some other far east country by people not trained in the art of swordsmithing and who do not have ability to create high carbon tempered Toledo steel.

Do you make custom swords ?
Yes and No.
First , we will not make copies of copyrighted materials.
Second , to custom make a sword cost a minimum of $400 - $1500 and UP , depending on things like mold costs , type of material etc.
Presently we are trying to increase our production levels to meet our current and future demands , so we are unable to spare the time to create custom swords in quantities of less than 100.

Why are Swords from Toledo™ prices so low compared to other"fully functional" swords offered on the internet ?
There are many factors that determine the price of any product , whether it be armory or some other commodity. Some of those factors are:
  • Middlemen : Swords from Toledo™   has no middlemen that adds to the end cost. We bring Swords from Toledo™   products direct from the factory to you.
  • Volume : We sell more "fully functional" swords than anyone else and therefore need to add less to each piece to cover our fixed overhead costs.
  • Advertising : We don't spend 100's of thousands of dollars advertising Swords from Toledo™   in newspapers , magazines and on TV which only adds to the price.
  • Sales Force : We don't have a sales force with big salaries that aren't earned. Instead we have a great team of affiliates who promote our products. Their compensation is directly related to the sales they produce. Our affiliate sales force is compensated the old fashion way , they EARN their money.
Will Swords from Toledo™ offer more styles ?
Yes, our present plans are to extend the line to over 10 different items each year.

Do you ship outside Spain?
Yes we do. However because of the high level of credit card fraud with international orders we can only ship international orders that are prepaid with a bank wire transfer of international money order.
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