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CAtalog / Militar SABRES

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French Champagne Sabre
Ref. 549

Spanish NCO Sabre
Ref. 552

El-Salvadorian Sabre
Ref. 554

Ecuadorian Navy Sabre
Ref. 555

Ecuadorian Police Sabre
Ref. 556

Paris Sabre
Modele 1822

Ref. 557

Paris Sabre
Modele 1923

Ref. 558

Paris Sabre
Modele Saint-Cyr

Ref. 559

Masonic Sabre
Black scabbard

Ref. 561-NC

Masonic Sabre
Red scabbard

Ref. 561-RC

Masonic Sabre
Aged gold

Ref. 571-OV

Masonic Sabre
Aged silver

Ref. 571-PV

Masonic Sabre
Baton of followers of Napoleon I

Ref. 585

Champagne Sabre Letter-Opener
Ref. 587

Artillery Officer Letter-Opener (1855)
Ref. 588

Frederic the Great (Prussia 1740-1786)

Ref. 589

Eagle from 2nd Napoleonic Empire
Ref. 592

Glaive, France
Ref. 657

XVIII Century English Sabre
Ref. 511

US Army Sabre
Ref. 512

US Marine Corps Sabre
Ref. 513

US Marine Sabre
Damascene style
Ref. 513-DAM

US Air Force Sabre
Ref. 527

US West Point Sabre
Ref. 528

Scottish Sabre
Ref. 529

Spanish Officer's Sabre
Ref. 537

Marine NCO Sabre (USA)
Ref. 547

US Navy Sabre
Ref. 548

Miniature Spanish NCO Sabre

Miniature Marine Corps USA Sabre
SWORDS FROM TOLEDO - Ap. Correos, 424 - 45080 TOLEDO (SPAIN)