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X Century Sword
Ref. 779

XI Century Sword
Ref. 780

Viking Sword
Ref. 781

Viking Sword, forged and black blade
Ref. 570

Rapier, solid brass, red scabbard
Ref. 574-R

Rapier, solid brass, black scabbard
Ref. 574-N

Eagle Roman Short Sword
Ref. 577

Celtic Sword
Ref. 576

Riveted Roman Short Sword
Ref. 578

Brass Norman Sword
Ref. 573

Viking Sword
Ref. 581

Glaive des troupes á pied, France.

Ref. 657

Carthaginian Sword
Ref. 579

Two-Handed Iron Sword
Ref. 590

Spike Hilt
Ref. 659

Black Iron Sword, curved cross
Ref. 582

Black Iron Sword, straight cross
Ref. 583

Practical sword with scabbard
Ref. 1052-CV

Trainning Swords
Ref. 1050, 1051, 1052, 1053, 1054

Double Belt for trainning
Ref. 1049
SWORDS FROM TOLEDO - Ap. Correos, 424 - 45080 TOLEDO (SPAIN)